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Considering for a Basement Conversion London: When planning basement conversions, a number of factors need to be considered first in order to create exactly the right type of space. A couple things you need to think about when you are designing a Basement Conversion London

• Is the basement dry or does it hold water? Damp basements need to be completely waterproofed to ensure the work can be completed properly.
• How much headroom is available? Remember that adding ceiling tile can reduce the amount of headspace by 5 to 10 inches, and this can affect what you will be able to use the room for.
• Do local laws require a building permit or party wall agreement before getting started? Starting work without the necessary permits is not advisable, it could affect your ability to sell the property.
• What would you like the space to be used for? The basement space can easily be converted into a bedroom, home cinema, a gym, game room or anything else you could think of.
• How much lighting is available? If the room is especially dark, it might be necessary to add additional track lighting overhead in order to brighten up the space.
• Does the basement need to have private access? Major renovations might be needed in order to create a walkout that is accessible from outside the home.
• Are you interested in adding a bathroom? This will require special plumbing fixtures and

could also require modifications to your existing septic system.


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